Good Luck Card



5-1/4” x 8-1/2” Cardstock-Black

9-1” x 1” Square Yuzen Paper (assorted)

2-Coins (T-024)

Mizuhiki Cord-Gold


Glue Gun and Glue Sticks


Double Stick Tape


  1. Fold cardstock in half lengthwise.


  1. Attach Yuzen paper squares to front of card using double stick tape.  Space the squares  approximately 1-inch from top of card, ” from sides of card, leaving a 1/8” space in between squares.


  1. Cut Mizuhiki cord into two 5-inch pieces.


  1. Insert one end of Mizuhiki cords into the middle of one coin leaving a 1-1/4” tail.  Insert opposite end of Mizuhiki cords into the second coin leaving a 1-1/4” tail.


  1. Glue one coin to top of card (approximately 1-1/2” in from edge of card), twist cord and glue second coin to top of card. 


  1. Trim off excess cording.


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