Good Luck Charm Card



Japanese Collage Mini rubber stamp (Paper Impressions)

Encore black pigment ink pad ( Tsukineko)

4” x 4” piece of mulberry paper (The Mountain Idea)

Bamboo rubber stamp (Paper Impressions)

Brilliance Archival Galaxy Gold ink pad (Tsukineko)

2” circle punch (Marvy)

1” sakura punch (Carla Craft)

Green 22 gauge wire (Artistic Wire)

4-1/4” x 5-1/2” dark green card blank

Approx. 3” x 3” piece of metallic copper paper (Paper Accents)

Approx. 2” x 2” piece of plain vellum (Paper Accents)

Thin purple Asian knot cord (Clover)

Ceramic frog bead (Clover)

One silver colored jump ring

One silver colored lobster claw clasp


Herma glue or Heiko tape

Wire cutter


Small awl or large needle

Knot template (Clover)

Fine tip permanent black pen

Jewelry pliers


In black ink stamp the Japanese collage on the mulberry paper and carefully tear around the design to achieve a feathered edge.

Punch out the sakura flower from the center of the copper paper. Center the negative flower design in the circle punch and punch out the circle. Trim the vellum to fit the sakura design and glue it to the back of the opening. Write “good luck” on the vellum.

Stamp the bamboo design in gold ink all over the front of the card blank.

Glue or tape the printed mulberry paper to the card and glue the copper circle over the lower right-hand corner.

Using the template and instructions, tie the cord into the decorative knot stringing the frog bead on the bottom end and securing with a regular knot. Attach a jump ring to the top of the knotted cord and the lobster claw clasp, using the pliers. 

With the awl make two small holes near the upper left-hand corner of the mulberry stamped paper. String the green wire through the holes making a small loop by twisting the ends inside the card (clip off excess wire). Clip on the knotted cord charm to the card. (optional:  Cover the cut ends of wire inside the card with a small sticker.)

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