Graduation Bubble Card

Project by Lynn



1)     4-1/4”x 5-1/2” white linen blank card

2)     One 12x12 Karen Foster Grad Collage paper

3)     One Karen Foster graduation pinch tab

4)     One Art Blanche small round coin bubble

5)     Graduation confetti

6)     Heiko tape

7)     Fabri-Tac glue



1)     1-5/8” circle punch or template

2)     Fiskar paper trimmer

3)     Pencil






1)     Trim the collage paper into a 3-7/8” x 5-1/8” piece.

2)     Cut or punch a 1-5/8” opening in the upper left corner of the collage piece.

3)     Place the coin bubble on the card blank and lay the opening of the collage paper over it.

4)     After determining the placement of the coin bubble, remove the collage paper and trace around the bubble.

5)     Mound the pinch tab (with tab folded back) and confetti within the circle drawn on the card blank.

6)     Glue down the bubble onto the card over the confetti and pinch tab, following the drawn pencil line. 

7)     After the glue is dry, adhere the collage paper with Heiko tape.



1)     The card looks great in a translucent mulberry paper envelope.

2)     A tassel or beads in the graduate’s school colors can be used instead of confetti.


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