Graduation Cigar Box



Cigar Box #30016056

Ceramcoat paint – black #2506

-         Tompte Red #2107

Paint Brush

Decoupage #77648964

3 Sheets Velvet Paper  - black

DMCFloss – choice of color

Antique Copper Brads #30033605

Sand Paper




Paint entire box red, let dry. Paint over the box with black paint. When dry sand the box on the corners until the bottom color (red) shows through. Use this technique of sanding to your desire.


Xerox copy Graduates photo in black/white. Decoupage photo onto box. Using black paint go over photo edges to make it blend in with the box. Cut out the graduation announcement and repeat the same process.


Cut graduation hat out of black velvet. Insert metal brad on top of hat. Tie DMC floss

(school color) to the brad.


Seal entire box with decoupage. Double stick tape hat to photo. Glue down velvet paper inside. Embellish the outside and inside as you desire.




2007 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.

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