Grandparents Card




5 ” x 8 ” Light Blue cardstock for card base #3001 0397* pastel assortment

2 pieces of 1 ” x 6” Light Green cardstock for grass #3001 0397

2” x 2” Light Pink cardstock #3001 0397

2” x 2” Red cardstock #7730 1648

2” x 2” Dark Red cardstock #7730 2042

2” x 2 ” Brown cardstock for tree trunk #7730 2323

2 ” x 6” Green cardstock for tree leaves #7730 2125

Fine tip Black Marker #3002 2892

Tacky Glue #7760 9875

Bone Folder #3000 3774

Deckle Paper Edger #7740 6819





Trace and cut out pieces from cardstock according to the patterns. Cut out the hearts in the different shades (pink, red, and dark red). The pink represents the keiki, the red represents their parents and the dark red is for the grandparents.


Fold the light blue cardstock in half using the bone folder to make a nice crease.


Use the deckle paper edger to trim the edge of the grass to create interest. Layer the two grass pieces along the bottom edge of the card. Glue in place and trim off excess.


Place the tree trunk about one third in from the left edge. Place the large tree leaves base on top of the trunk. Layer the two smaller leaves pieces on top. Glue in place.


Place the small hearts on the treetop. Place the dark red hearts on the top, the red hearts in the center area and the pink hearts hanging from the bottom. Glue in place. Place pink heart to the right of the tree and glue in place. Next to the heart, write “Happy Grandparent’s Day”.

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