Gum Packet Favor

3” x 6.5” Decorative paper
Double sided Tape
18” Coordinating Ribbon Gum Pack (used Extra gum package)
1/8” or ” Hole punch



1. Fold paper around gum pack creating a new cover. Where the new wrapper overlaps itself, seal with double sided tape.


2. At the top of the new wrapper press the front and back together. Punch a hole through both the front and back of the paper approximately ” from the top and in the center.


3. Push the 18” strip of ribbon through both holes evenly.


4. Push the gum in the top of the new wrapper creating the ribbon to slide to the bottom.


5. Tie the ribbon at the top in a bow.


6. Embellish as desired.


2008 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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