Haku Angel Pin


1qty. 1” x 1/8” Wood Circle #77938522
Ceramcoat Acrylic Paint - AC Flesh #77627257
Ceramcoat Acrylic Paint – Black #77624890
Galaxy Marker Med. tip - White #30022797
Clear Varnish – Satin #77855858
Flower Soft – Christmas green #30102937
Flower Soft – Shamrock green #30102947
Flower Soft – color mix, your choice
Flower Soft Glue #30102963
4” of 5/8” Sheer ribbon for “wings”, your color choice
3” of 1/8” or ” satin ribbon for bow
1 qty. ” Pin Back #30102565
1” foam brush #10109
Thin tip paintbrush
Sharp Scissors
Low temp glue Gun & Glue Sticks




Paint the 1” wood circle with the AC Flesh acrylic paint. Let dry. You may have to paint another coat or two. Let dry completely.

Take the end of the thin tip paint brush and dip into the Black acrylic paint. Make two “dip dot” eyed in the center of the painted wood circle. Let dry. Use the white Galaxy marker and just make a tiny dot of white onto each eye. Let dry. Brush on a coat of clear satin varnish. Let dry.


Tip: When working with the Flower Soft, it is best to take a little pinch at a time out of the jar and put in another container or on a piece of paper to work with. Loosen up the Flower Soft to make it fluffy.


Mix the Christmas green and Shamrock green Flower Soft together.

Take the Flower Soft glue and draw a curved line above the eyes, where the Haku Lei will go. Sprinkle the green mix onto the glue. Gently pat it in place so it sticks to the glue. This green mix represents the “ferns and greenery” in the Haku Lei.

Draw another line of glue right above. Take whatever color mix you want and sprinkle it on the glue. This mix will represent the “flowers” in the Haku Lei. Let glue dry.

Make a small bow with the sheer ribbon, about 1 3/4” wide. Glue to the back of the Angels’ head for the “wings” Make a small bow with the 1/8” ribbon and glue below the head by the neck. Glue the pin back to the back of the head/bow.



2010 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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