Halloween Candle Display



Cylinder Vase
Hanging Votive Candleholder
Diamond White Crystal Accents
Liquid Candle dye – Orange
Plastic Spiders or bugs
Black votive or floating candle
Mixing spoon


Prepare the Crystal Accents mixture according to the manufacturer’s directions to create the gel-like crystals. In general, you will mix the packet of Diamond White Crystal Accents in a bowl with about 1 gallon of water. For this project you can just mix half a package with half a gallon of water. To get larger crystals, use distilled water. Let the mixture sit for about 4 hours and the crystals will expand. Drain off any excess water using a strainer. Crystal Accents are now ready to use.

Take the prepared Crystal Accents and add a few drops of the orange liquid candle dye and carefully stir. Add more drops of candle dye until you reach the desired orange color.

Place the hanging votive in the vase; you will need to remember where the bottom ends. Remove the hanging votive. Carefully spoon the orange Crystal Accents into the vase. Add the plastic spiders/bugs as you go. Continue adding Crystal Accents and bugs until you reach the spot where the hanging votive bottom will be. Place hanging votive in the cylinder vase. Add black votive candle. Or you can add water and place a floating candle.

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