Halloween Critters


Spider –
1 qty. 3” Styrofoam ball #30017676
2 qty. 20mm Moving eyes #300055152
1 skein Black Kui yarn* #30102739
4 qty. Black Chenille stems #77669721

Monster –
1 qty. 3” Styrofoam ball #30017676
1 qty. 20mm Moving eye #30055152
1 skein Apple Green Hoku yarn* #30079585
1 Kelly Green Chenille stem #77674093
Neon Green Foamie #30104739

Note: One skein of yarn can make many critters, you may be able to use your leftover yarn from an earlier project. You can also use other yarns and multi colors if you like.

Sharp Scissors
Low Temp Glue Gun & Glue Sticks
1” circle punch #30028719




For both- Take the yarn and leave about a 6” tail on the end. Wrap the yarn around the Styrofoam ball firmly. You will need to turn the ball from time to time to get the best coverage and to make sure that the yarn does not slide off. Keep wrapping the ball with the yarn until you are happy that is completely covered.
Measure out a 6” tail and cut the yarn. Slip the ends of the yarn under a few wraps and tie securely. Knot several times to secure. Trim off excess.
Where the knot is, is where you will glue on the moving eyes. It will hide the knot and the glue will also secure the yarn end. Finishing


For the Spider- Cut the chenille stems in half to make 8 legs. On one end of the chenille stem, curl the end to make a “foot”. Slightly bend the stem in the middle to make an angle. Do this for all eight legs. Use the point of the scissors or similar to poke a hole towards the bottom of the spider. Add glue to the hole and glue in the leg. Repeat for all 8 legs.


For the Monster – Use the 1” circle punch and punch out 4 circles from the green foamie. Take each circle and cut off a little to form a “thumb”, almost like shaping them into mittens. Cut the green chenille stem into 4 equal pieces, you can use 2 – 4, depending on if you want hands and legs. Curl one end of each, glue on the foamie hands/feet. Poke a hole into the body and glue in the arms/legs.


2011 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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