Halloween Skeleton Wreath


One “21 Roll Deco mesh
3” or 4” Styro ball
Black acrylic paint Paint brush
2” Ribbon (make a bow)
1 Pipe cleaner
Two 8” pieces of contrasting 21” wide deco mesh (for arms and legs)
Hot glue gun




Starting with the top ring on the work wreath, open up a pair of pine boughs. Grab a hank of the Deco Mesh, scrunch it together and place it in between the two pine pieces. Then, twist-tie the deco mesh into the wreath using the pine pieces to secure. Measure out 6-8 inches of deco mesh, scrunch, and secure in between the next two pieces of pine.
Continue placing bunches of Deco Mesh into the pine boughs all the way around the top ring of the wreath.
When you are done with the top ring, continue on to the bottom ring and add deco mesh the same way.


Jack the Skeleton: Paint the hat with black acrylic paint. Set aside Using your thumbs press into the stryo foam ball creating eyes Paint the eyes, nose and mouth with black acrylic paint Collar: Make a bow for the skeletons and tie with of the pipe cleaner. Body: Take one piece of the 8” contrasting deco mesh and roll in a tube cinching the center, twist the other pipe cleaner piece in the center of tube. Take the second 8” contrasting deco mesh and roll in a tube cinching the center, twist with the first tube you made. This will create the arms and legs for the skeleton. Twist the bow and body together with pipe cleaners, then twist onto wreath. Hot glue hat to head. Hot glue head to top of bow/collar.



2013 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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