Halloween Vellum Lantern




8 3/4” Cylinder Vase  #77774570          

8 ½” x 11”  Pearlized Gold Vellum #77188946

8 ½” x 11”  Orange Vellum  #77188946

Ultra Shape Xpress Starter Set  77314518 or


Fiskars Shape Templates:

          Ovals – 1  Cloud Border       77390591

          Leaves – 1  Straight Border  30004891

          Stars – 1 Colonial Border      77390641

8 ½” x 11” Forest Green Cardstock #77302026

Scribbles Glittering Ruby #77528364

Vellum Glue Dots #30055752

Chalk Color Set #77768457

Double sided Adhesive #3001 3283          


NOTE: If not using Shape Xpress System , you

will need Scissors, Craft Knife, Cutting Mat & Pencil)


Click here for pattern



1.  Wrap Orange Vellum sheet around Cylinder Vase, meeting edges together (as tightly as

     you can without ripping vellum), then use strips of vellum glue dots to adhere vellum to



(Tip: put adhesive on vellum before covering vase)


2.  Making the face on the Pearlized Gold Vellum


(Tip:  edges don’t need to be cut perfect, because it will be covered with Scribbles paint)


Very Important = Remember to move the “Fine Tuning Nozzle” on the shape cutter, to the right to loosen the tension on the blade.  If this is not done, your blade will rip vellum and make holes.


          a.  Eyes  = use Ovals – 1 Template size 1 1/2” x 2”.  See pattern for sample of the

              half moon shape. Position eyes in the middle of vellum.  Cut only ¾ of the oval,

              leaving an opening, then move the template up matching the cut ends with the 

              ovals bottom, then cut out that portion of the template.


              (If not using the Ultra Shape Xpress system, trace pattern onto vellum and cut 

               using a craft knife.)


          b.  Nose = use Stars -1 Template size 3”.  Cut only the top half of the triangle shape,

              then turn template so that the side of the inner point of star shape is facing up. 

              Center both triangle points and match cut ends with template, as to cut a shape

              resembling an “A”.


          c.  Mouth = use Ovals – 1 Template size 3” x 4”.  Like eyes, see sample to make a half

               moon shape, being careful to remember to leave openings for two square teeth,

               made by freehand cutting it with scissors or a blade.


3.  Wrap Gold Vellum around Vase over Orange Vellum (again making it as tight as possible)

     and adhere the vellum the same way, using glue strips.


4.  Generously, add Scribbles Paint on the edges of cut out eyes, nose and mouth.  Getting

     as close to the edges, without getting paint on the Orange Vellum. 


(Tip:  While painting, place hand inside vase to hold & turn it or use a folded towel under the 

         vase to hold it steady.)


5.   Making the Leaves:

          a.  Leaves = Use Leaves – 1 Template 4” Mulberry Shape.  Cut out 2 leaves from

               heavy cardstock.  (REMEMBER = Readjust “Fine Tuning Nozzle” on shape cutter to

               left to tighten the tension as to cut through the thickness of the heavy


(Tip: go very, very slowly around small spaces like stem area, as well as leaf point.)


          b.  Chalk leaf veins and all around leaf edges with Dark Green Color.


          c.  Place double stick tape on stem top portion of one leaf, then layer second leaf

               over it. (see picture)


          d.  Place double stick tape on pointed ends of 2 leaves and adhere to top of vase.

              (see picture)


(Tip:  Keep paper towel or baby wipes handy, to clean chalky fingers, right away.  If you get         chalk onto vellum face, use “Chalk Eraser” to erase any smudges.)


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