Halloween Wreath Witch Legs


12” straw wreath
10” deco mesh purple
10” deco mesh lime
67 greening pins Black tulle
30115457 Purple Ribbon
30131931 Witch Legs (seasonal)



1. Cut 45 6” pieces of purple deco mesh.
2. Roll one 6” piece and cinch in the center. Place a greening pin over the cinched portion and push into the straw wreath. Repeat around the straw wreath only covering of the wreath. *You will leave the last bottom of the wreath for the tulle skirt.
3. Cut 10 6” lime green deco mesh. 4. Repeat step #2 inserting the Lime strips here and there.


1. Cut ten 24” pieces of tulle
2. Cut ten 18” pieces of purple ribbon
3. Take the tulle and Ribbon together and find the center of each placing a greening pin in the center. Fold over the tulle and ribbon and push in the straw wreath. Repeat filling in the bottom of wreath to create skirt
4. Using greening pins attach legs to bottom of wreath.



2012 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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