Harmony Vase



10” Cylinder Glass Vase # 7736 7516

12” x 7” Mulberry Paper- Natural Fiber Grass # 3001 2163

12” x 4” Mulberry Paper- Natural Fiber Grass

2 pieces of 48” lengths of 24 gauge Brown Artistic Wire #3002 0889

4-5  pieces of 12” lengths of Brown Wire

Bead Mix – Mahogany # 7768 3615

5mm Double stick tape # 3001 3283

Wire Cutters



Take the two pieces of mulberry paper and tear the edges. Take the 12” x 7” piece and wrap around the middle of the vase. Use strips of double stick tape on the ends to adhere to the vase. Take the 12” x 4” piece of mulberry and do the same.

Take one length of wire and fold in half. Twist at the center forming a small loop. Separate the wire ends. For each wire end, twist and coil the length of the wire, adding a few beads as you go. Make sure you twist wire so that beads stay where you want them. Twist the 2 wires together and wrap around the upper part of the mulberry paper on the vase. Slip the loose ends into the loop and twist to secure.

Take the other 48” length of Brown wire and repeat the coiling and beading process. Wrap this length of wire around the lower part of the mulberry paper on the vase.

Take the shorter lengths of brown wire and coil and bead. Make sure you twist wire around beads to secure. Use the pin to make a small hole in the top layer of the mulberry paper above the top wire wrap. Slip one end of the beaded wire into the hole. Dangle the beaded wire and slip end under the bottom wire wrap to secure.

Fill vase with marbles or stones and artificial flowers.

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