Harvest Card
This project courtesy of Fiskars®.



Fiskars® ShapeBoss

Fiskars® ShapeBoss Stencil Set - Celebrations

Fiskars® Texture Plate - Fabric Pattern

Fiskars® Craft Mat

Fiskars® Hand Punch - 1/8" Circle

Fiskars® Paper Trimmer

Fiskars® Scissors

Fiskars® Photo Stickers

Cardstocks - tan, rust, black, sage

Eyelets - (4) rust

Eyelet applicator tool


Craft fibers - rust

Design by Jennifer Dammann


Cut a piece of tan cardstock to measure 8½" x 5½". Fold in half and score to create a card that measures 5½" x 4¼".

Lay texture plate onto ShapeBoss tray and secure with pegs. Lay front flap of card (outside of card toward plate) and rub stylus across entire backside of front flap of card until entire flap has been texturized.

Remove texture plate, then lay stencil set onto tray. Insert rust cardstock between stencils. Emboss pumpkin shape. Trim around pumpkin shape using scissors. Insert sage cardstock between stencils. Emboss pumpkin stem shape. Trim around stem using scissors.

Adhere both pieces to black cardstock using photo stickers. Trim black cardstock around pumpkin shape to create a square. Adhere black cardstock piece to sage cardstock. Trim sage cardstock around black, leaving approximately a º" border of sage.

Using hand punch, punch hole in each corner of black cardstock piece. . Insert eyelet into each hole. Flip layers over onto craft mat. Insert eyelet tool into backside of eyelet. Gently tap 2 - 3 times onto eyelet tool with hammer, or until backside of eyelet begins to curl over. Remove eyelet tool, then tap 1 - 2 more times directly onto eyelet with hammer to finish. Repeat for remaining eyelets.

Cut several strands of rust craft fibers to measure 20". Wrap around spine of card, then tie in knot. Trim ends as desired.  

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