Hawaiian Angel Pin



2 – 3” x 1” Mulberry Paper (thin)

16mm Wood Bead

8” of Yarn for hair

4” of 1/8” ribbon for bow

Black Acrylic paint

Thin Handle Paintbrush


Pin back

2 pieces of 4” colored 22 gauge wire (2 different colors )

Low Temp Glue Gun and glue sticks  


Fold the mulberry paper in half lengthwise. Curve cut both of the loose end corners (not the folded end). Cut through both thicknesses. When you unfold the mulberry paper, you should end up with an elongated oval.

Twist and scrunch the fold line in the middle. Place the mulberry papers perpendicular on top of each other. Use a little glue to hold together. Push all of the loose ends down and slightly twist the gathered top. Push twisted end into the hole of the bead. Glue in place.

Take6” of the yarn and make a loopy bow. Use the remaining 2” t tie bundle in the middle. Cut loops apart and untwist yarn. Center yarn on top of the bead head and glue for hair. Wrap wires around the thin paintbrush handle to coil. Twist coils together to make a halo and glue to top of head.

Shred strands of raffia to make them thinner. Make a small loopy bow bundle and tie in the center with another piece of raffia. Glue to the back of the angel for wings. Make a small bow with the ribbon and glue at angel’s neck.

Use the end of a thin paintbrush handle and make dip dot eyes with the black acrylic paint on the wood bead face. Let dry. You can also add cheeks by brushing some chalk on before painting eyes.

Glue pin back onto raffia wings and wear your Hawaiian Angel!  

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