Hawaiian Cigar Box Purse



Cigar Box with Bamboo Handle #3002 7552

Pineapple Print Gift Wrap #7786 7952

Mocha Velvet paper #3000 4083

Autumn Brown Ceramcoat paint #7762 7190

Dark Forest Green Ceramcoat paint #7762 6523

Terra Cotta Ceramcoat paint #7762 5020

Kim Gold Gleams Ceramcoat paint #7762 5673

Wood Sealer #7785 5619

Matte Acrylic Varnish #7762 8099

Sponge Brush #7752 7499

Sea Sponge #7743 1973 or #7743 1965

Tacky Glue #7760 9875

Mini Screwdriver Set #3002 4427


Use the mini screwdriver set to remove the hardware from the cigar box. Set aside. Brush on one coat of wood sealer onto the cigar box, inside and out. Let dry.

Paint the inside edges of the box with the autumn brown paint. Let dry. Paint all of the outer sides of the cigar box with the autumn brown paint. Let dry. Sponge paint layers of dark forest green, terra cotta and kim gold paint over the autumn brown. Let dry.

Measure and cut the mocha velvet paper to fit inside of the cigar box for a lining. Glue the velvet paper in place with the tacky glue.

Position the pineapple print gift wrap over the front and back surface of the cigar box. Position so that you get the placement of the pineapple how you want it. Trim the paper to fit the cigar box surface. Lightly glue to the box.

Lightly sponge paint the gift wrap with the dark forest green, autumn brown and kim gold paints. Dab a little gold on the pineapples to highlight. Let dry. Coat with matte acrylic sealer. Let dry.

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