Heart Bracelet


.010 Beadalon® Nylon coated wire #30038926

1 Magnetic clasp

2 ½” safety chain

2 2mm crimp beads #30035694

2 color 4mm crystals – 42 of each color

 * More crystals needed for bracelets larger than 7” Seed beads – size 1 1/0

Crimping tool

 Wire cutter



1. Measure your wire to 36” and cut.

2. String onto wire, 1 side of magnetic clasp and one end of chain.

3. Bring both ends of wire together and string a crimp bead. Slide crimp all the way to the clasp and chain and crimp. 4. On each wire, string 4 seeds and cross into 1 crystal (color #1).

5. String on each wire, 1 crystal (color #1) and cross into a crystal (color #2).

6. String on each wire 1 crystal (color #2) and cross into a crystal (color #1).

7. Continue repeating steps 5 and 6 until you reach a desired length – keeping in mind the magnet and seed bead will add to length.

8. After you cross into the last crystal on your bracelet, string 4 seed beads on each wire.

9. Take both wires together, string a crimp bead, the other end of the chain and the other end of magnet. Thread both wires back through the crimp.

10. Crimp with crimping tool.

11. Take the wires and thread it back through the seed beads and a couple of crystals then cut the extra wires.


Now you have a special Valentine’s Heart Bracelet.


© 2008 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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