Hearty Clay Easter Bunny


White Hearty Clay #30006454

2 qty. 5mm Round eyes #30070920

1 qty. 4” length of ribbon for Bow Lisa

Pink Acrylic Paint #77626507




Hearty Clay Color Scale Tool #77856054

Hearty Clay 3-pc. Tool Set #77361006

Sharp Scissors

Fine Tip Paintbrush

Low Temp Glue Gun & Glue Sticks  



Refer to the pictured sample as a guide when shaping your bunny. All bunnies should come out different that makes them unique and gives them character.


Using the Hearty Clay Color Scale Tool, measure out four “I” balls of white Hearty clay. Roll the balls into one big ball. Shape the ball into a slight cone shape about 3” tall. At the pointed end, cut in the middle about ” and separate. Smooth out the separated points and shape into ears.


About 1” below the ears, start rounding out a head. You can use the knife-like tool to make indentions on the sides to help distinguish the head from the body. Finally round out the bottom to form the body.


Use the end of a pencil or the paintbrush to make two holes below the ears for the eyes. Make the holes, then place a 5mm round black bead in each for the eyes. Use the knife-like tool to make short diagonal lines below for the whiskers, three on each side.


Use the end of the paintbrush to make two tiny dip dots above the whiskers with the Lisa Pink Acrylic Paint. Use the tip of the brush to draw the two dots together to form a heart shaped nose.


You can add a small ball of Hearty clay on the back of the bunny for a tail. Let bunny dry.


Tie a small ribbon bow and glue to the neck.




2008 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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