Hearty Clay Panda-Pen Holder


White Hearty Clay #30006454

Black Hearty Clay #77856013

Tacky Glue #77609875

1 qty. Mini 2 ” Ceramic Fishbowl Pot #30073122

1 qty. Artificial Bamboo Stem #30050837

Green Floral Tape #77479402

Pebbles #30065179




Hearty Clay Color Scale tool #77856054

Low Temp Glue Gun & Glue Sticks




Note: When assembling the panda, use small amounts of Tacky glue to hold pieces in place if necessary.


Making the Panda-

Using the Hearty Clay Color Scale tool, measure out four “I” balls of White Clay. Take three of the balls and roll them together into one large ball. Shape the ball into a rounded triangular shape, similar to a musubi. This will be the body. Take the last ball of white clay and roll into a similar rounded triangular shape for the head.


Place the head onto the body. Shape the body a little more, giving the panda more of a tummy.


For the feet, measure out two “H” balls of black Hearty clay. Take each ball and shape into a rounded teardrop shape about an inch long. Push up the larger end and shape the pieces into and “L” shape. Place the smaller ends of each under the body and have the larger rounded ends in front of the body for the feet, as in the pictured sample.


For the paws, measure out two “G” balls of black Hearty clay. Take each ball and roll into a rounded teardrop shape. Take each piece and place on either side of the body. Place the smaller end on the top where the head and body meet. Curve the paws forward onto the tummy, as in the pictured sample.


For the ears, measure out two “D” balls of black Hearty clay. Roll each ball into a round shape. Place one on each side at the top of the head.


For the panda’s eyes, measure out two “A” balls of black Hearty clay. Roll each ball into a thin teardrop shape about ” long. Refer to the pictured sample and place onto the face for the eye patches. Next, measure out one “A” ball of white Hearty clay. Split the ball in half. Roll each half into a round ball and place onto the black eye patches. Next, take a small bit of black Hearty clay and roll into two tiny balls. Place one each onto the white eyes.


Lastly, measure out one “A” ball of black Hearty clay. Using only of the ball, roll into a round shape. Place under the yes for the nose.


Take the panda and place it right next to the ceramic fishbowl. Press the body and have the panda’s body lean into the bowl, this will shape the panda for gluing to the fishbowl later. Let the panda dry.



Take the bamboo stem and pull off a few shorter stems with leaves. Place one stem alongside the barrel of the pen, making sure the leaves are above the end of the barrel. Use the floral tape and wrap around the pen, attaching the bamboo stem to the pen. Add another leaf stem around the middle of the pen. Stop the floral wrap about ” before the pen tip. Make as many bamboo pens as you like.


Fill the ceramic fishbowl with the pebbles. Stick the pens into the pot and arrange t look like a potted bamboo plant. Place the panda next to the fishbowl again. Glue the panda to the fishbowl.  


2008 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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