Hello Kitty Paper Mache Box


30058151 paper mache 4in oval box
77676635 felt white (head, ears)
77676718 felt baby pink (bow)
77676643 felt black (eyes)
77676676 felt yellow (nose)
30110316 chenille stem black (whiskers)
30134817 4mm mesh ribbon
30136544 7/8” glitter tape begonia
77624882 delta acrylic paint white batting chip board

glue gun
paint brush





1. Paint paper mache box using white acrylic paint. Let dry.
2. Cut out a 5”x7” piece of white felt. This will be used for the head. You will also need to cut out the eyes, nose, ears and bow using the attached template. To make the bow, pinch together the sides of the larger piece of pink felt. Take the smaller piece of pink felt and wrap it around the center, using hot glue to hold it in place. Cut black chenille into 1 ” pieces (you will need 6 pieces for whiskers).
3. Trace cover onto chipboard and cut out. Place batting onto chipboard and trim to size of chipboard. Place batting onto chipboard and cover with 5”x7” piece of white felt. Fold felt to the back of the chipboard and hot glue to hold in place.
4. Position and hot glue the eyes, nose, whiskers and bow. Hot glue ears to the back of the chipboard.
5. Hot glue Hello Kitty head to paper mache box cover.
6. Peel and stick glitter tape to side of cover.
7. Glue mesh ribbon to upper edge of cover.


2013 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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