Hibiscus Pick




Hearty Clay – 1 pk. Each Red and Yellow

(or choice of color)

Clay scissors - #1581

Flower Shaping Tool Set (set of 2) - #1580

Clay Shaping Tool Set (set of 3) - #1579

Color Scale with Color Chart - #1577

Paper wrapped wire #18 gauge

Floral Tape


Tacky glue (optional)


TIP: Dry flower upside down for about 1 hour for a closed look or prop in a cup to hold petals in place.




  1. Form a 9/16” ball of yellow Hearty clay into a teardrop shape.
  2. Cut tip (pointed end) in half about 1/4” down the center and then cut each half in half again. (All cuts should be about the same length and size).
  3. Cut snips widthwise down sides of clay about 3/4th of the way down length of each side.
  4. Roll the remaining clay left below the cuts to an even log shape about 3/4” to 7” in length. Let stamen dry a few hours or overnight.
  5. Form five 7/8” Hearty clay balls (color of choice). Place clay balls into a moist washcloth or zip lock bag to prevent drying.
  6. Roll each ball into a teardrop shape.
  7. Press and smear each teardrop into a petal (fan) shape.
  8. Using the clay knife tool, lightly form the veins on each petal (about 4 to 5 veins).
  9. Press around top (wide end) edges of each petal, pushing the clay lightly between your thumb and index finger (giving the petal edges a rippled affect).
  10. Pinch the bottom (small end) of each petal into a slight point.
  11. Attach the pointed end of first petal to bottom straight end of stamen.
  12. Continue to put on each petal by placing one behind the other (slightly overlapping the petal before it).
  13. Tuck the last petal in front of the first petal.
  14. Arrange and center the petals carefully.
  15. Insert a paper wrapped wire into bottom of flower, wrap with floral tape and let dry.

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