Holiday Angel


Wooden craft spoon
6" of Christmas ribbon for dress (at least 2" wide)
6" of wired sheer Christmas ribbon (approximately 2.5" wide)
12" of 1/8" satin ribbon for bow
Black Acrylic paint
Red Acrylic paint
Thin paintbrush handle
Doll hair or yarn
Low Temp glue gun & glue sticks
    Thin gold thread for hanger or pin back


Take the 6" of Christmas ribbon for the dress and fold in half lengthwise. Fold in the edges of each end about 1/2". Slip the wooden spoon in between the folded ribbon. Make sure the larger end of the spoon is on the top. Gather ribbon edges around the spoon neck. Spot glue to hold in place. Take 1/8" ribbon and tie around the beck. Knot securely and trim ribbon. Make a loopy bow with the remaining ribbon and glue on top of the knot.

Fold the sheer ribbon into a bow by overlapping the edges slightly. Gather ribbon in the middle and tie with thin ribbon or wire. Glue to the back of the angel body. Fluff out the bow for the wings.

Take bits of doll hair or yarn and glue to the top and back of the spoon head.

For the face, dip the end of the brush handle into the acrylic paint. Dip into black paint and dot for eyes. For the red cheeks, dip dot 2 red dots of paint and pull together to form heart shape.

You can glue a pin back to the wings to wear your angel or you can attach a ribbon hanger to the top of her head for an ornament.

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