Holiday Candlescaping

By Sheila Chung



10” Cylinder Glass Vase #7736 75163

8 Ύ” Cylinder Glass Vase #777 4570

7 ½” Cylinder Glass Vase #7798 1795

3 – Glass Hanging Votives #3000 8756

12” Octagon Mirror #7732 0978

3 – Star Sprays #3003 9347

2 – Snowflake Glass Ball Iridescent Picks #3005 9538

25mm Red Metallic Glass Ball #3005 9591

6” Tree with Gold Star Ornament #3003 9719

3 ½” Big Hat Snowman Ornament #3005 9026

Red Glitter Maple Spray #3005 9341

16” Silver Ice Crystal Pick #3005 9195

Opal White Star Marbles #3001 1001

1 Ύ” Plastic Snowflake Ornament #3001 4842

Crystal Fibers – White Gold #3001 7814

Twinkle Flakes #7712 5773

Candlescapes wax beads – Crimson Red #3006 0916

Candlescapes wax beads – Evergreen #3006 0915

Candlescapes wax beads – Jade Green #3006 0923







Pour some Twinkle Flakes in each of the cylinder vases, about ½” deep. Cut off all of the ornament hangers from all of the ornaments.


Place the snowman ornament in the shortest vase. Cut off some of the branches from the silver ice crystal pick and place it in the vase with the snowman.


Cut off all of the wire on the glass ball picks. Layer the glass balls with the plastic snowflake ornaments and the crystal fibers in the medium vase.


Place the tree ornament in the tallest vase.


Arrange the vases onto the octagon mirror. Cut off the branches of the red maple glitter spray so that you have three pieces. Place them in between the vases along with a star spray. Place the star marbles onto the mirror as well.


Place a hanging votive in each of the cylinder vases. Pour some water into the hanging votive, about two thirds high. Follow the manufacturer’s directions, pour the Candlescape wax beads into each votive. Place a wick in the middle of the wax beads and light.




© 2006 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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