Holiday Candy Cane Pin



2 packages of Japanese Glass Beads #30033697 or #30033705

3 pcs. of Metal Charms (Believe, Trust, Love) #30021682 or #30021683

2 pcs. Glass Christmas Charms (Candy Canes)

5-Loop pin #30009083 or #30009084

Jewelry Findings (loops)

Thin beading wire



  1. Attach the end of the beading wire to the 1st loop, then feed 10 red Japanese glass beads onto the wire loop through the 2nd loop, feed 20 glass beads, loop through 3rd loop, feed 15 beads then loop through the last loop.
  2. Attach 2 metal charms to each of the end loops with jewelry loops, twist tight with needle nose pliers.
  3. Feed red seed beads onto beading wire, you will be looping the seed bead wire with charms through the 3rd loop 3 times. This way you will have a candy cane charm in each of 2 loops and a metal charm in the middle loop. See photo. Twist wire to attach. Adjust the loops to your liking.

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