Holiday Doorknob Frame



Acrylic Doorknob Frame #3001 6036

10” x 3” Christmas patterned paper (Candy Cane Stripe #SL653 GS)

2 7/8” x 5⅛” Christmas patterned paper (Peppermint Boxes #SL 122 IN)

Scrap of Christmas patterned paper for cut-outs
   (Gingerbread Friends SL 682 GS)

1” x 1” Med. Weight Vellum #7718 8862

Fine Point Black marker

Double Stick tape # 3001 3283 or other adhesive

Vellum tape #3001 0425

Photo Size approx. 1 7/8 “ x 1 7/8”



Sharp Scissors


Cut the 10” x 3” striped paper so that the stripes are running vertically. Turn paper so that the printed side is faced down. Slip into the acrylic doorknob frame holder. Using a pencil, trace around the circular opening. Remove the paper from the frame. Using a sharp scissors, cut out the circle.

Place the paper back into the frame and align so that the circles match up. Trim excess paper off the top of the frame. Remove paper.

When cutting out the 2 7/8” x 5⅛” piece of the Peppermint Boxes paper, make sure you center the piece to include 2 peppermint boxes. Center the peppermint box paper on the striped paper ” from the bottom. Glue or tape in place.

Write a holiday message on the vellum paper square. Center the vellum in the bottom peppermint box. Adhere with a small piece of vellum tape. Center and adhere photo in the top peppermint box.

Cut a few gingerbread friends out from the paper. Position and glue to the striped paper below the cut-out circle and at the bottom edge of the lower square. Slip completed design into the acrylic doorknob frame.

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