Holiday Gift Tags



2 – 2⅛” x 4 ” White Tags #3000 5438

4 ” x 2⅛” Xmas Allover Print Pattern Paper
     “Deck the Halls” #SL 103 MH

4 ” x 2” Xmas Border Print Paper “Cardinals”
     #SL 678 GS

2 ” x 3 ” Vellum for pocket #7718 8862

Double stick tape or similar adhesive #3001 3283

” Hole Punch #7717 8558

9” of Metallic Cord – red #7760 9131

9” of Star Garland – green #7710 8308

Fine tip black pigment pen #3002 2892 or 3002 2897




Trace the outline of the tag on the wrong side of the Xmas allover print paper. Use your ruler and measure ⅛” in around the tag outline. Use this line as a guide and trim off the ⅛” border, making the piece smaller all around.

Center and tape or glue the printed piece onto the tag. Use the ” hole punch to re-punch the hole on the tag. Tie the ends of the metallic cord together. Slip knot the cord thru the hole of the tag.

Center and place the vellum over the tag on the opposite end of the hole. Let the vellum extend over the 3 edges of the tag about ”. Fold over the ” to the back of the tag, creating a vellum pocket. Remove the vellum pocket and tear the unfolded end. Place the vellum pocket back onto the tag. Tape or glue down the folded edges onto the back of the tag.

Take the border print paper and tear along the top edge lengthwise. Align the straight edge to the bottom of the second tag and glue in place. Trim border paper to shape of tag.

Tear along the top of the tag, leaving enough are above the border print to write a message. Use your pigment pen to write a short message. Use the ” hole punch to re-punch the tag’s hole if necessary. Slip the star garland into the hole and twist and curl garland.

Slip tag #2 into the vellum pocket. Attach tags to your gift!

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