Holiday Holder





4” x 8 ½” Holiday Print Cardstock for door hanger

5 ½” x 8” Holiday Print Cardstock for box/pocket

Ultra Shape Express #3000 5220 or X-acto Knife #23975

Cutting Mat #7794 1575

Making Memories Tag Maker #3005 5753

5mm Double Stick Tape #3001 3283

¼” Hole Punch # 7717 8558

Assorted ribbons – 2” lengths

Stylus #3001 4284 & Ruler

Fine tip Marker #7741 4664



NOTE: Sample used American Crafts Holiday Cardstocks

“Wonderland”  39921(3006 0980) and “Ornament” 39912 (3006 0974), Elements Ribbon Collection “Gingerbread”




Trace and cut out pieces from printed cardstock according to the patterns. Use the stylus and ruler to score and crease as indicated.


Use the Ultra Shape Express or an X-acto knife to cut out the circle opening in the door hanger. (You can use the cut-out piece to make a tag for the holder.)


To form the box/pocket, lift the center front panel up and fold the two side panels in. Line up the bottom tabs of the side panels with the bottom panel edge. Adhere the tabs to the bottom panel with double stick tape.


Fold up the remaining tabs on the side panels and bottom panel. Place double stick tape on the outer side of the tabs. Remove the protective strips from the tape and carefully adhere the box/pocket to the bottom front of the door hanger piece. Make sure you line up the edges of the box with the door hanger.


To decorate, use the ¼” hole punch to make some holes along the top of the door hanger opening. Cut 2” lengths of coordinating ribbons and tie between the holes. Following the manufacturer’s instructions, use the Tag Maker to make a coordinating tag with the scrap cardstock. Or you can use a pre-made vellum tag. Write a Holiday message on the tag and adhere to the front of the box.

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