Holiday Planner


1 qty. Tin Box – Dinner Break by Maya Road #30065339

1 qty. 3 Ό” x 7 Ύ” Red Cardstock for top

2 qty. 4 ½” x 12” Printed Cardstock for tin wrap around

1 qty. 2” x 4” Silver Mirror Paper for label #30020706

1 qty. 4 ½” x 5 ½” Brown Cardstock for Gingerbread man

1 qty. 1” x 2 Ύ” Beige Cardstock for label

6 qty.* 12” x 12” Assorted Cardstock for Files

* you can make as many file folders as you like

44” of Ό” Red Satin Ribbon

24” of 3/8” Printed Ribbon

3/16” Double stick tape #30013283

Quickie Glue Pen #30051737

White DecoColor Paint Pen – Fine tip #77659367

Black Sharpie Marker #91029 or similar

Letter Stickers or Die cuts for “Holiday” in red



Paper Trimmer #30017631

Scissors Corner Adorner Rounder – Medium #30068369

Ό” Hole Punch #77178558

Ό” Heart Punch #77178632

Pen/pencil X-acto knife #77504092


*Special Items:

Accu Cut Die Cutting Machine*

Accu Cut die – ZA1002JC Album-Mini 6 x 6 (3 of 4)

Accu Cut die – ZA1002JD Album – Mini 6 x 6 (4 of 4)


* available for use at Ben Franklin Craft Stores





Apply the double stick tape along the edges on the wrong side of one of the 4 ½” x 12” printed papers. Remove the protective backing and adhere the piece to the backside of the tin can. Make sure you align the edge of the paper with the bottom edge of the can.


Repeat this step with the other piece of printed-paper except this time adhere it to the front of the tin. Overlap the side edges onto the first piece. Take the Ό” satin ribbon and adhere along the top and bottom edges of the printed-paper.


Open the lid of the tin can. Carefully lift each prong up and remove the handle on the tin. Take the 3 Ό” x 7 Ύ” red cardstock piece and round each corner with the corner rounder punch. Center and adhere to the top of the lid with double stick tape. Use the tip of the X-acto knife to make tiny slits in the cardstock where the holes for the prongs are. Put the handle back in place and flatten the prongs on the inside cover to secure.


Take the printed 3/8” ribbon and adhere along the edge of the lid, leaving the hinge area open.


Trace and cut out pieces from cardstock according to the patterns. Use the white fine tip DecoColor paint pen to make a “squiggly” outline around the gingerbread man. Use the paint pen to make a smile of the face. From white cardstock, punch out two circles with the Ό” hole punch. From black cardstock, punch out two circles using the 1/8” hole punch. Glue the small black dots onto the white circles for the eyes. Place on the face and glue in place. Place a red heart at each end of the smile and glue in place. Punch out three red hearts with the Ό” heart punch. Place down the front of the gingerbread man like buttons and glue in place. Adhere the gingerbread man on the front of the tin at an angle on the left side, as shown in the sample.


Take both the 2” x 4” silver mirror paper and the 1” x 2 Ύ” beige cardstock and round all the corners. Use the stickers or die cut letters to spell out “Holiday” on the silver mirror paper piece. Place the piece on the front of the can, overlapping the gingerbread man’s left hand like a tray. Use the black Sharpie to write in “planner” onto the beige cardstock and adhere below as shown in the pictured sample.


To make the file folders:

You will use the Accu Cut die Cutting machine and the different mini book page dies.


Fold the 12”x 12” cardstock in half. Align the open edges of the folded cardstock with the top edge of the tab on the die. The folded edge will be above the bottom cutting edge of the die. Run the die through the die cutting machine. The top tab and sides of the die should cut out while leaving the folded bottom intact. You can trim off one tab or leave both tabs. Use the different tab dies to make different folders. Label the folders and place inside of the tin.  


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