Holiday Reflections Vase


15 Spring Valley Vase
8 Clear Glass Plate
6 - 8 Pillar Candle
2  - 20 Light Strand set - Clear
Crystal fibers
Sparkle Flakes
Sparkling Fruits apples, pears, grapes
Sparkling Ivy Spray
Snowflake ornaments 4 or 6



Before starting, make sure your vase is clean and completely dry.

Plug in the light set, it is easier to design your vase with the lights on.

Start by placing a few of the lights at the bottom of the vase. Separate and add a little of the crystal fiber shreds on top of the lights, hiding the cording.

Add fruit and more crystal fibers. Sprinkle some of the sparkle flakes on top. Add more of the light set strand. Use the crystal fibers to help fill in open areas and to hide the cording. Keep layering fruits, crystal fibers, lights and sparkle flakes. Add a few of the snowflake ornaments around the vase. Keep layering until the vase is filled to the top.

Pull the light cording to one side, coming out of the vase. Place the glass plate over the top of the vase. Place the pillar candle in the center of the plate.

For the finishing touch, cut apart the sparkle ivy spray and place stems around the candle base.

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