Homework Door Sign


1 – Wooden Doorknob Hanger #77742148

1 – Wooden Clothespin #30083901

1 – Printed Paper

x 3” – Foamie (color coordinated w/printed paper)

2 x 4” – White Cardstock #77301937



Double Stick Tape #30013283

Low Temp Glue Gun #77536417

Glue Sticks #77533638

Fiskars Decorative Edge Scissors – “Seagull” #77298638 Scissors

Colored Markers Pen




1. On the Printed Paper with the wrong side up, trace the wooden doorknob hanger outline, as well as the inside circle.

2. Then measure about 2” from the bottom and trace the wooden clothespin, vertically.

3. Cut out all the outline edges, circle and vertical rectangle.

4. Using the double stick tape, run tape along the outline of the wooden doorknob hanger, as well as the inside circle. But, run tape along the rectangle outline on the printed paper door hanger shape.

5. Carefully, match up all edges and circle shape of both wooden hanger and printed paper hanger. Trim all edges if uneven.

6. Hot glue the colored foamie onto one side of the clothespin and trim off excess if needed. Use marker and write: “Please Check”.

7. Then hot glue the other side of the clothespin to the wooden hanger, in the vertical rectangle.

8. Trim the white cardstock with the decorative edge scissors.

9. Use the colored markers to decorate edges and write: “Child’s Name” and “Homework”.

10. Double stick tape the white cardstock to the hanger, just under the circle.  


2008 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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