Honu Windchime



3” Clay pot 7794 2425
1” Clay pot 774 2391
yards of 2-ply Jute 3001 0657
2 – 10mm Moving Eyes
3 – 25mm Wood Beads 7761 5005
4” x 5” Christmas Green Fun Foam
E-6000 Glue
Black FineTip Permanent Marker
Sprout Green Patio Paint
Citrus Green Patio Paint
Wrought Iron Black Patio Paint
Sponge brush
Artist Sponge – small piece
Low Temp Glue Gun & Glue Sticks

Note: acrylic paint may be substituted for the Patio Paint. Be sure to use a sealer first and a varnish after applying paint. Dry after each application.


Paint the outside of the 3” clay pot with the Citrus Green Patio Paint, except for the rim. Let dry. Paint the rim and the inside of the clay pot with the Wrought Iron Black Patio Paint. Let dry.

Paint the entire 1” clay pot with the Wrought Iron Black Patio Paint. Let dry.

Turn the 3” clay pot upside down. Take a small piece of sponge and dab on Sprout Green Patio Paint. Sponge on 2 rows of “spot blocks” on the large pot on the Citrus Green Patio Paint painted area only. Let dry, this is the honu’s shell.

Paint one of the beads Black and one Sprout green. Let dry.

Knot one end of the jute and string on the black bead. String loose end of jute through the hole of the 1” clay pot so that the bead is inside of the pot. Knot the jute about 1” above the 1” clay pot. String jute through the unpainted bead. Next string the jute through the hole from the inside of the 3” clay pot. String the green bead onto the jute. Apply E-6000 glue to the bottom of the bead and glue the bead to the hole on top of the “honu’s shell”. Knot the jute at the end of the bead. Let glue dry.

Trace and cut out the pieces from fun foam according to the patterns.

Glue the moving eyes to the Honu’s head. Using the black permanent marker, draw a mouth below the eyes. Glue the head above the rim of the honu’s shell with the E-6000 glue.

Glue one front flipper and one back flipper on each side of the honu’s head on the rim of the honu’s shell with E-6000 glue. Center the tail in between the back flippers and glue in place with the E-6000 glue. Make a loop with the jute and knot together about 7” above the Honu for a hanger.

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