Honu Windchime with Butterflies


1.5" Clay pot
Christmas green acrylic paint
Light green acrylic paint
Foam brush
Sponge for painting
Thin paintbrush
3" x 3" green foamie
1.5" x 1.5" foamie (butterfly color #1)
1.5" x 1.5" foamie (butterfly color #2)
2-7mm moving eyes
Black chenille stem
Black fine tip marker
18" of 1/8 ribbon for hanger
2-20mm jingle bells
Low temp glue gun & glue stick




Paint the outside of the clay pot with the Christmas green acrylic paint. (It is optional to paint the inside of the clay pot) Let dry.

Turn the clay pot upside down. Sponge paint little rectangles around the clay pot with the light green acrylic paint to design the shell of the turtle. Let dry. Take the thin paintbrush and paint swirls with the Christmas green paint on top of the light green rectangles. Let dry.

Trace and cut out all the pieces from foamies according to the patterns. Look at your painted pot and decide which side will be the front of the turtle. Glue the head to that side. Glue the moving eyes on top of the head. use the black marker to draw in a smile. Glue the tail from under the bottom edge on the opposite side. Position the four feet around the edge of the pot. Glue in place.

Cut the back chenille stem in half. Use one each for the butterflies' antennae. Fold chenille in half and twist to hold. Separate ends and curl each end to form the antennae. Glue an antennae down the middle of each butterfly.

Fold the ribbon in half. From the fold measure down about 3" and tie a double knot for the hanger. Slip loose ends into the hole of the clay pot. Slip on one of the jingle bells. Glue knot and jingle bell to the clay pot hole to hold ribbon in place. Tie the second jingle bell to the loose ends, adjusting the length of the ribbon and cutting off the excess. Glue the butterflies to the bell on opposite sides.

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