Hot Air Balloon Ornament - Hello Kitty

1 qty. Paper Mache Cupcake Box #30104127
2 qty. 3” x 3” core’dinations cardstock – Love Potion #30101341 for embossed HK
Sizzix Hello Kitty Embosslit die #30094164
Big Shot Die Cutting Machine #30083658 and accessories Sand paper #30104703
White Acrylic paint #77624882
Lisa Pink Acrylic paint #77626507
1 qty. 12“piece of 5/16” sheer ribbon – pink #30079404
1 qty. 12”piece of 5/16” sheer ribbon - white #30050449for hanger
1 qty. Wood Craft pick #77676445
3” of silver craft wire for hanger loop
Iridescent Crystal Fiber – Deckle #77353045
Stickles – Wild Raspberry #77527930
Stickles – Crystal/Icicle #30014981
” Meriken double Stick Tape #30013284
1” foam brush #10109
Fine tip paintbrush for touch ups
Low temp Glue gun & Glue sticks
1/8” Hole Punch #77178541
Jewelry pliers (round nose, chain nose)
Sharp Scissors

NOTE: Basic Wire wrapping skills are helpful.




Take the paper mache cupcake box apart. Paint the outside of the top cover with the Lisa Pink acrylic paint, including the bottom rim. Let dry. NOTE: You may have to do two coats.
Paint the outside of the bottom of the paper mache cupcake with the white acrylic paint. Let dry. Paint the scalloped top edge with the pink acrylic paint. Let dry.
Follow the manufacturer’s directions and use the Big Shot to cut and emboss the Sitting Hello Kitty design. Die cut and emboss two from the pink core’dinations cardstock. Lightly sand the design to bring out the inner core color of the cardstock. Carefully cut out design, leaving a small border. Place one piece right side down. Place the rounded end of the mini craft pick in the center and glue in place with double stick tape. Add more tape and place the other piece on top, sandwiching the pick in between. Set aside.


Optional: You can punch a flower shape or cut one from an embossed folder design in the Sugar ‘n Spice pink core’dinations cardstock. Lightly sand the embossed design. Carefully trim around the design leaving a small border.
Use the 1/8” hole punch to make a hole in the center. Use the awl to make a hole in the center of the cupcake top. Use the jewelry pliers to make a looped pin with the silver craft wire. Pierce through the embossed flower. Glue looped pin into the hole. Add more glue and glue the flower down to hide the hole. Take the white sheer ribbon and loop thread through the loop. Tie ends to create the ornament hanger.
Take the 12” of pink sheer ribbon and cut in half. Take each 6” length and fold in half. At the fold, shift the ribbons a little to form a slight “v”. Glue the folded end along the inside top edge of the cupcake bottom. Repeat with the other 6” piece of ribbon and glue to the opposite side. Take the loose ends of the ribbon and glue to the inner edge of the bottom of the cupcake top.
Take the wild raspberry Stickles and make little hearts on the scallops of the cupcake bottom, as in the pictured sample. Use the Crystal/Icicle Stickles and draw a scalloped border along the cupcake top. Let dry.
Place the crystal fiber inside of the cupcake. Stick the Hello Kitty pick inside of the fiber. Add candies or treats, too, if desired.




2010 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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