I Double Dagger You


Dagger beads 30128135
8.0 seed beads
2-hole tile beads 30128130
Fire line 3004194
Beadalon wire 30038926
Wire guardian 30061131
Clasp of your choice
Crimp beads 30033345

Tools needed:
Crimp tool
Needle (77367003)



Fold wire in half so you have two wires, one on the left & one on the right Take wire & string crimp bead through wire then through wire guardian Open the wire guardian & slide clasp into the wire guardian then close the wire guardian and crimp to hold clasp in place make sure you have equal amount of wire on each end


For your base of bracelet: string a seed bead through two wires then 1 more seed bead on each wire of wire then a tile(string onto both wires) bead 2 daggers on each wire (left and right)repeat this pattern until you reach your desired length


For the seed bead topper: String the needle with fireline (thin beading needle) Go through the three beads attached to the clasp several times to secure the line. String through the tile on the left side, string six seed beads, cross over to the right, and then string through the right side of the second tile. Cross over the seed bead pattern until you reach the end of the bracelet, then string through the three beads at the end then repeat the process, alternating sides, creating a cross pattern in between the tiles.




2012 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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