I Love You Card


• Solid black cardstock or choice of color 10x7in

• Solid cardstock one sheet each red and pink

• Printed paper choice of design size 2.5x7in

• Coordinating 3/8in ribbon 12in length 30081647

• Details embellishment sticker 30088640

• Uchida Scallop Punch-Heart 30090347

• Black Alphabet Thicker stickers choice of font


Other Supplies

• Meriken Double Stick Tape 1/8in 30013283

• Pop dot 1/4” 30008289

• Hole Punch 1/2” Round 77178541

• Pencil

• Ruler

• Cutter Bee Scissors 30016607 (or sharp scissors)  




• Fold solid black card stock in half to size 5x7in.

• Adhere double-stick tape to the back side of printed paper and adhere to the front, bottom of card.

• Trace and cut-out heart from pink card stock. Place double-stick tape to the back side and adhere on the front of the card see picture for placement.

• Make a knot from ribbon leave 1in tails.

• Adhere double-stick tape to the back side of the ribbon (you will need about 8in). Open up card, tape ribbon over the printed paper see picture for placement. Fold over extra ribbon at each end behind the card. Glue knotted ribbon on top of the ribbon see picture for placement.

• Place the 3-D Detail embellishment and the alphabet stickers to the front of the card see picture for placement.

• Use the scallop heart punch and punch out 2 hearts from the red cardstock. Use pop dots and adhere to card.


Note: Use metallic pen to write message on card Gel Excel Reminisce pen in gold or silver writes great on dark surface (30089805 or 30089806). Or use 6x4in white cardstock to write card message.


Happy Heart to You!




2008 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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