Island Soap




   Slippers Soap Mold #3003 9225


   Smooth Honu Candy Mold #3003 9222


   Clear Glycerin Soap Block #7756 2116


   Violet Soap Coloring Dye #3000 1674


   Magenta Soap Coloring Dye #3000 1673


   Green Soap Coloring Dye #7756 2314


   Eye Dropper #7757 1661


   Butter Knife


   Spoon or wooden chopstick to stir


   Microwavable glass bowl or measuring cup


   Microwave Oven


   Paper Towels


   Hot pads/Mitts


   Small Clear Cello Bags #7797 0046


Use a butter knife or plastic knife to cut soap into smaller ” cubes. Place cubes into a microwavable bowl or measuring cup. Cover    Loosely with paper towels. Place into the microwave oven for about 45 seconds or according to the manufacturer’s directions. Remove and stir gently. Be careful when removing the dish from the microwave because it will be hot. Continue microwaving at 15-second intervals until soap has just melted. When the soap has melted, remove the dish from the microwave. Do not microwave once soap is melted, it can cause discoloration.  Plan your design of the soap. If you will be using more than one color, decide which color will go in first. The deepest part of the mold should be poured first. 


For the slippers, you will only fill in the straps first. Use the eye dropper to add a few drops of Violet coloring to the soap. Mix color thoroughly adding more dye until desired color is reached. Note: Color will lighten when soap is cooled. Pour colored soap into the mold only in the strap area. Tap mold lightly onto the table to set and pop any air bubbles. To harden soap faster, place the mold into the freezer for a few minutes. Remove mold from freezer.  Melt more soap and color with the Magenta dye. Pour the Magenta soap into the rest of the slippers mold. Tap lightly on the table to set. To harden soap faster, place mold into the freezer for a few minutes. Remove mold from freezer. Carefully twist mold a little to loosen soap from the mold. Turn mold upside down and release the soap from the mold. Gather a pair of slippers and place in a cello gift bag. Add shreds around and tie bag closed with a ribbon.


For the Honu Turtles – Make a batch of medium green soap the same way you made the other colors for the slippahs. Pour soap only into the shell part of the mold. Let soap set. Next, mix a batch of lighter green soap. Pour the light green into the rest of the turtle mold (head, legs, tail). Let soap set. Remove soap from mold.

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