Its Coming Up Roses


Poly Stones 30137005
Teardrop earring base 3013666
Fish Hook 30127558
Ring Base 30110149
18 Gauge wire 30085105
26 Gauge wire 30133271
Flat back crystal your choice of color
Gem Tac 30075652

Chasing hammer
Wire cutter
Round nose pliers
Bracelet mandrel




1. Open top of tear drop earring base slide on poly stone then close up tear drop earring base
2. At top of the tear drop base glue on crystal on top of circle
3. Add earring hook to tear drop base


1. Cut the 26 gauge wire about 12 inches
2. Start to free form loops around the edge of the ring base treading trough holes in the ring base
3. Tread poly stone on another piece of 26 gauge wire and wire poly stone onto the ring base


1. Cut two pieces of wire enough to free form your bracelet
2. Wrap wire around your bracelet mandrel, forming loops
3. With the chasing hammer pound wire flat
4. Tread poly stone on to 26 gauge wire and wrap poly stone to bracelet
5. With the round nose pliers loop end of wire and tuck under poly stone



2013 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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