Jingle Bell Ornament



20 – 13mm gold jingle bells

14 – 13 mm Colored Jingle bells ( red, green)

15” of 24 gauge wire

6” of

Wire cutters


String 3 gold jingle bells onto one end of the wire, leaving a 2” tail. Form a cluster and secure the jingles bells by twisting and wrapping the end of the wire to the main wire.

String a gold jingle bell onto the wire. Next string on a colored jingle bell. Repeat these steps until all of the colored jingle bells are on the wire. The alternating colors of the jingle bells should be creating a spiral effect like a candy cane stripe. End with a gold jingle bell.

Add 3 more gold jingle bells to form the cluster at the end of the candy cane. Wrap the end of the wire onto the main wire to secure the jingle bells. Cut off excess wire.

Take the 6” of wire and loop around the cane about one third from one end. Use this wire as your hanger, the cane will bend into its curve at the loop, looking more like a candy cane.

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