Jingle Christmas Tree Earrings


30095590 Brass Fish HK Gold Plate 48pc
30144699 Gold Stars SM 10pc
30090977 Qk Link – Triangle 16.5mm DC GP
30095606 Brass 4mm Jump Ring Gold 40pc
30102656 VP Crimp Cover Smooth GD PT 60pk
30090627 Tiny Bells 6mm-multi

30090626 Tiny Bells 6mm-Green
30090623 Tiny Bells 6mm-Red
30090620 Tiny Bells 6mm-Silver

2 Chain nose pliers like 30061229 Plier- Chain Nose Economy
30061229 Bead Crimp Tool – Standard




We are going to use crimp covers as stoppers on the triangle links to create the tree form. Using the crimping tool, close down two crimp covers in the middle of one side of a triangle link while leaving a gap between the 2 covers to attach the point of the next triangle link with a jump ring.
After connecting link with a jump ring, use chain nose pliers to squeeze the crimps together to keep the tip from moving. Repeat with one more triangle.
After connecting all three triangles at the top point of the top triangle, open a jump ring and attach the star. Close the jump ring and attach the ear wire by opening the eye and slipping on the star. Close the ear wire.
Now attach the bells to the back side of each triangle with a jump ring. Attach that jump ring to the jump ring that is connecting the triangles.




2013 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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