Kid Box


1 – Large Round Paper Mache Box #30058150

1 – 4 ” X 4 ” square of Foamie (Flower = Pink & Baseball = Green, White & Cocoa)

1 – 1 ” Wood Ball Knob #77612457

Delta Ceramcoat Paint:

  Gloss Interior / Exterior Varnish #77628073


               Yellow #77624874

               Apple Green #77628651


               Kelly Green #77625970

               White #77624882

Deco Color Paint Pens


               Black – Ultra Fine #77659516

               Rosemarie – Fine #30007788

               Pine Green – Fine #77411033


              White – Fine #77659367

              Crimson – Fine #77411017



Low Temp Glue Gun #77536417

Glue Sticks #77534479


Pen / Pencil

Foam Brush

Small Paint Brush

Optional: 5mm Pink Rhinestones #30000556

















1. Use the foam brush to paint the wood ball knob with the appropriate color of Delta Paint, set aside to dry.

     (Tip: Place knob on to paint brush end to hold while drying and painting.)

              a. “Flower” use base color = Yellow, “The Swirl Design” use = Rosemaire

              b. “Baseball” use base color = White, “The Stitching Design” use = Crimson

     (Tip: Let the base color completely dry before using the paint pen to draw the design on it.)

2. Paint the box, bottom & lid, with Delta Paint, let dry. (“Flower” = Apple Green & “Baseball” = White)

3. Cut out pattern shapes according to which design you are using. (Flower or Baseball items)

4. Trace and cut out the pattern shape(s) onto the coordinated foamie colors.

5. Decorate the foamie shape with the Paint Pens, according to the picture or create your own designs.

6. Go back and finish the wood knob by painting a coat of varnish on the dried knob.

7. When the paint on the foamie is dry, hot glue it onto the cover of the box. (Tip: Place lots of glue in the middle of the box, where the knob will be.)

8. When the paint on bottom of the box is dry, use paint pens to decorate. Either green grass or red stitching.

9. Lastly, hot glue the knob to the center of the foamie piece.



2008 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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