Kimono Card

Designer: Pat Nakayama

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  • Hearty® air-dry clay Black (Item# 1304),Yellow# (Item 1301),Red (Item# 1303)

  • 2 yards - Gold floss

  • 16 ea.  – 6mm gold jump rings 

  • Texture brush tool (Item 4472)

  • Card stock: size:

    • 4-1/4" x 5-1/2" Gold
    • 4" x  5-3/8" Black
  • Yuzen printed paper size 3-7/8” x5”

  • 1 Asian charm (Item T102)

  • Rub ‘n Buff gold

  • Paper glue

  • E-6000 glue

  • Clay Roller (Item 4492)

  • Hi-gloss vanish

  • Scissors

  • Awl



1. Keep all clay in airtight zip lock bags so clay does not dry out.
2. Use water to smooth clay before it dries.
3. Use hand lotion (on hands) so clay does not stick to hands.

Step-by-step Instructions:

1. To make log. Mix red, yellow and black clay together to create brown. Roll clay into a log approximately 3/5" thick x 3" length.

2. Use the texture brush tool to create wood like grains on the log. Set aside to dry.

3. Mix black and red clay. Flatten clay 1/8" thick.

4. Print Kimono pattern, place pattern on clay and cut out.

Print me!

5. Use awl to create 2 holes at the top of kimono. Set aside to dry.

6. Glue black solid card stock and printed-paper on to the front of card.

7. Cut gold floss into two-36" pieces. Wrap floss around both ends of log.

8. Connect 8 jump rings together and attach to the top hole on kimono. Repeat to the other side.

9. Rub the gold Rub 'n Buff to the log and apply sealer, let dry.

10. Use the E-600 glue to glue the charm on top of the kimono. Glue kimono to the front of card.


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