Kimono Doll Air Freshener


1 qty. Renuzit Air Freshener*

1 qty. 2” Wood Ball Knob #77612465

2 qty. 20mm Wood Beads #77604990

1 qty. 7” x 12” fabric – oriental print for kimono

2 qty. 3” x 9” fabric – oriental print for sleeves

1 qty. approx. 7” of ” Satin ribbon for collar (color match to fabric)

1 qty. 18” of approx.

1 ” ribbon for obi Black Yarn #77636217

1 qty. section of Glittering Hydrangea Flower (red #30001274)

2 qty. 2” x 2” foil Origami paper (gold #77301366)

1 qty. 18” of 1/8” ribbon on matching colors for embellishments Crochet thread

Black Acrylic Paint


Optional- make-up blush or chalk for cheeks


NOTE: You can substitute the air freshener with 3” x 6” Styrofoam cone #77603423 or 6” clear acrylic box #77237644.



Sharp Scissors

Large eye needle

Fine tip paint brush

Low Temp Glue gun and glue sticks



Note: Check to see if your fabric is printed in one direction. If it is, take this into consideration when you position the fabric for the project.


Take the 7” x 12” piece of fabric and lay it in front of you with the right side down. Fold up a1/4”hem at the bottom 12” edge. Finger press down and use the glue gun to glue the hem down. Take the piece and fold in half, matching the 7” raw edges. Glue these edges together like a seam. You should have a fabric tube.


Thread the large eye needle with about 20” of crochet thread. Starting at the seam, sew a running stitch all along the top raw edge. Pull the ends of the crochet thread together like a drawstring bag. Tie the threads together and knot securely. Trim off excess thread.


Turn the fabric right side out. Place the air freshener in front of you and place a large amount of glue on the top. Place the fabric tube over the air freshener and glue the draw stringed end to the top. The seam will be the back of the doll. Take the 2” wooden ball knob and place it on top of the fabric top for the head. Place the ball knob so that the wood grain with the lines is facing the front for the face. Glue the knob down.


Find the middle of the ”ribbon and tack it down to the back of the neck. Bring the ends around to the front, forming a V-neck for the collar. Tack the ends down in front with a little glue. Take about 8” of the 1 ” ribbon and tie it around the body making sure to cover the ends of the ” ribbons. Tie the 1 ” ribbon in the back. This forms the obi.


For a sleeve, take a 3” x 9” piece of fabric and place it in front of you with the right sides down. Fold up both 9” edges about ”-1/2”. Finger press and glue down. Fold up both 3” edges about ”. Finger press and glue down. Fold the piece in half with the right side of the fabric facing out. Glue the 3” glued hem edges together. Glue together the open edges only halfway up starting from the glued edges.


Place a sleeve on either side of the body. Glue to the body, leaving the glued half of the sleeve free. Place a20mm wood ball bead into the opening of each sleeve for hands. Glue inside the sleeve at the top fold. You can position the sleeves in different ways and tack down to the body with a bit of glue.


For the hair, take the black yarn and measure out about 25 loops, approximately 12” long. (Note: Unwind the yarn from the skein instead of pulling it from the middle. This will keep the yarn straighter) Take a short piece of yarn and tie the bundle together at the center. Knot securely. Cut apart all of the loops. Fan out the yarn and even it out. Place some glue at the top of the head and glue the yarn at the knot to the head. Make a smaller bundle of yarn about 3” in length. Cut the loops apart and glue to the front of the face next to the first bundle for the bangs. Carefully trim the yarn even all around. Taking a small section at a time, glue the yarn down at least halfway down the head. This keeps the hair in place.


Finishing touches –

Make a bow with the 1 ” ribbon and glue over the knot at the back to finish the obi.


Glue two pieces of 2” x 2” metallic origami paper together. Fan fold and glue one side together to make a fan. Glue the fan to one of the hands. Glue a flower on top. Tie a bow with the 1/8” ribbon and glue onto the fan below the flower.


Make a small bow with the 1/8” ribbon. Glue to the top of the head. Glue a few glittering hydrangea flowers on top.



2008 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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