Kimono Girl 2009


1 qty. 4” x 5” Washi or Origami paper

1 qty. 1 .5” x 1.5” Ivory/Cream Cardstock for face

1 qty. 1.5” x 1.5” Black Cardstock for Hair

1 qty. 1” x 1” Pink Cardstock for cheeks and flower

1 qty. 1” Pin Back #77126987 (silver) or #77403337 (gold) Double Stick Tape #30013283

Glue Pen for small pieces



Pen/Pencil for tracing

Sharp Scissors

1” Circle Punch #30028719

1/8” Hole Punch #77178541

” Hole Punch #77178558

”Heart Punch #77178632

Low Temp Glue Gun & Glue Sticks



Diagram 1

Diagram 2



1. Place the 4” x 5” washi/origami paper on a flat surface with the print side down. Fold the paper in half vertically with the fold on the left side.


2. Fold up the bottom edge about 1/8” and crease well. Fold the edge up one more time, creasing well. This will be the kimono collar.


3. Now fold this edge up to just 1” below the top edge. Crease well.


4. On this top layer, take each top corner and fold down, meeting in the middle. Crease well. This forms the collar neckline.


5. Turn the piece over. Fold the top edge down, leaving just the tip of the collar showing above. Crease well.


6. Turn the piece back over. Fold in each side edge so that it almost touches the collar. Crease well.


7. On this top layer, take each inside corner and fold out, creating a small triangle on top. Crease well and flatten the triangle.


8. Turn the piece over. Fold the top down so that the triangles are not showing on the other side. Crease well.


9. Turn the piece over; you have completed folding the kimono.


10. Use the 1” circle punch and punch out one circle from the ivory/cream cardstock for the face. Using the ”hole punch, punch two small circles from pink cardstock. Use the glue pen to adhere one to either side on the lower third of the face for the cheeks.


11. Trace and cut out hair from the black cardstock according to the pattern. Place the hair over the face and adhere. Use the 1/8” hole punch and punch out two circles for the eyes. Take the scrap of black cardstock and glue to the back of the face by the holes. The black will show through to the front to color the eyes.


12. Use the ” heart punch and punch out 5 hearts from the pink cardstock. Arrange the hearts as in the sample to create a flower for the hair. Glue hearts in place with the glue pen.


13. Place head on top of the kimono collar. Glue in place. Glue pin back behind the kimono.




2008 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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