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This project courtesy of Fiskars®. 



Fiskars® ShapeCutter™ Tool

Fiskars® Heart Border Punch

Fiskars® ShapeTemplate™ Tool - Hearts-1 with Victorian Border

Fiskars® ShapeTemplate™ Tool - Letters-1

Fiskars® 3 in 1 Corner Punch - Hearts

Fiskars® Hand Punch - 1/8" Circle

Fiskars® Self-Healing Craft Mat 12½" x 12½"

Fiskars® Softgrip® Razor Knife

Fiskars® 12" Rotary Paper Trimmer for Crafts

Patterned scrapbook paper - red

Cardstocks - red, white, plum, pink patterned

Decorating chalk - plum, white

White gel pen

Writing pens - black, red

Markers - plum, pink

Eyelets - (4) pink, (2) white

Eyelet applicator tool


Ribbon - sheer red

Sticky foam pop dots

Black and white photo


Using paper trimmer, cut a piece of white cardstock to measure 1½" x 12". Also cut a piece of pink patterned cardstock to measure 3" x 12". (For both of these pieces you may use (2) 6" wide pieces rather than one 12" piece.) Using border punch, punch along both long edges of pink paper. Lightly chalk along long edges of white cardstock piece. Adhere chalked piece to center of punched pink piece. Flip these layers over facedown onto craft mat. Using pencil and ruler, mark and measure 1", 1¾", 2¾", 3½" from one edge, then measure and mark at the same measurements from opposite edge. Using razor knife, cut a slit at each measurement the same length as ribbon. At each end of punched strip, weave ribbon in and out of slits, beginning behind cardstock piece and ending behind strip after threading through twice. Secure ends of ribbon behind punched strip.

Using ShapeCutter with Hearts ShapeTemplate and craft mat, cut one 3½" heart from plum cardstock, and one 2½" heart from red cardstock. Adhere red heart to white cardstock using photo stickers. Tear white cardstock around red cardstock, leaving approximately a º" border of torn white. Adhere these layers to center of plum heart using photo stickers. Using hand punch, punch once near dip at top of heart, and near point at bottom of heart. Insert eyelet into each hole. Flip heart over onto craft mat. Insert eyelet tool into backside of eyelet. Tap gently 2 - 3 times, or until backside of eyelet begins to curl over. Remove eyelet tool and tap 1 - 2 times directly onto backside of eyelet to finish. Repeat for second eyelet. Using white gel pen, journal "XOX" onto red heart.

Cut the following heart sizes from plum cardstock: 1½" , 2", 2½", and the following heart sizes from white cardstock: 1", 1½", 2". Chalk the white hearts using plum chalk. Each chalked heart should be adhered to plum heart that is .5" larger than itself. After hearts have been adhered, using hand punch, punch along left and right edges of each heart. Using scissors, cut 3 small (¼" wide) strips from edge of ribbon to measure approximately 3" each. Thread one strip through holes in each heart starting in front of heart, then threading back through to front of heart again. Trim ends of ribbon.

Using markers, color plum and pink objects on photo. Mount photo to white cardstock, then trim cardstock, leaving a 1/8" border of white around photo. Mount layers to red cardstock, then trim cardstock, leaving a 1/16" border of red around white layer. Mount all layers onto pink patterned cardstock, then trim cardstock, leaving a º" border of pink around all layers.

Cut 2 squares from plum cardstock to measure 1½" square. Cut each square in half diagonally to create 4 diagonal corner pieces. Insert corner of each triangle into 3-in-1 corner punch and punch small hearts into corner. Adhere corners to photo. Using stylus, trace along edge of photo onto plum cardstock several times until indentation is made. Lightly chalk onto raised area at photo corners using white chalk.

Cut a piece of white cardstock to measure 2¼" x 1¼". Journal "completely kissable" using red pen, then trace around outer edges of this piece using black writing pen. Cut a piece of red cardstock to measure 2½" x 1½". Adhere journaled piece to this red piece. Cut a piece of plum cardstock to measure 2¾" x 1¾". Adhere layers to center of plum piece. Using hand punch, punch once in each corner of white cardstock piece. Apply eyelet to each hole according to instructions provided earlier.

Using ShapeCutter with craft mat and Letters #1 ShapeTemplate, cut all letters in child's name from red cardstock. Mount each letter onto white cardstock using photo stickers. Carefully cut white cardstock around each letter to create a very thin border for each red letter.

Adhere punched strip, small hearts, journaled piece and letters to background paper. Using pop dots, adhere layered heart to center of punched strip at top of paper. Cut a piece of ribbon to measure 15". Thread ribbon through bottom eyelet in large heart. Using photo stickers, adhere ribbon pieces to background paper. Adhere photo using pop dots over ribbon pieces. Trim ribbon ends at angles.

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