Kitty Fan


Paper fan – white #30139464
Cardstock – white #30112153, black #30116568, sunflower #30124125
Glitter cardstock – bubblegum #30081244
Marvy Uchida oval punch (orange) - #30028696
Marvy Uchida 2” circle punch (blue) - #30028738
Marvy Uchida 3” heart punch (purple) - #30028760
Double-stick tape - #30013284



Use the oval punch to punch two eyes out of the black cardstock and one nose out of the yellow cardstock. Use the double-stick tape to tape these to the fan.
Punch four hearts out of the white cardstock and two hearts out of the pink glitter cardstock. Also punch one 2” circle out of the pink glitter cardstock.
Tape two white hearts back-to-back (make 2) points facing up, at the top of the fan to make kitty’s ears.
Arrange the two pink hearts with their pointed ends touching and tape the 2” circle over the center of these to make kitty’s bow. Tape the bow just below her right ear.



2013 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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