Kodomo's Fabulous Faceted Art Box


1 qty. 8” x 12” Patterned Paper

2qty. 2” x 4” Patterned Paper

2 qty. 5” x 5” Mat board or chip board #30072821 for covers & base

1 qty. 4” x 4” Mat board or chip board #30072821 for inner cover

2 qty. 6” x 6” Solid Paper for base and lid cover

3 qty. 5” x 5” Solid Paper for inner covers and inner lid Rubber stamp design

Multi-colored inkpad

Kodomo Washi tape, color match to printed paper


Miscellaneous embellishments:

decorated tag, string, paper clip, etc.

Glue stick #30033570

” Double stick tape #30013284



Pencil Metal edge Ruler #30082675

Craft Knife #77504092

Cutting mat #30065911



NOTE:   Pictured sample used Kodomo’s Kimono Pattern IV Paper #30089324, Bamboo Mini Clear stamp #30091315 and Kodomo’s Washi tape #30091320.




Follow the diagrams to fold the paper into the bowl shape.



1. Place the 8” x 12” paper print side up. Make two small pencil marks along longest edge, dividing the paper into thirds (See A).

2. Bring one short edge of paper over to meet pencil mark furthest from it (See B). Crease and unfold paper (See C). Repeat step from opposite side (See D), but leave side folded down.

3. Bring edge of folded section back to folded edge (See E) and crease. Repeat step with opposite side (See F).

4. Open one of the folded sides over the other (See G). Bring the two corners down to meet center fold line (See H) and crease. Repeat step with two folded corners (See I).

5. Fold right side of paper to left (See J). Fold next layer of paper on right side to left (See K). Repeat steps 4 and 5 to fold down all four corners (See L, M and N).

6. To open bowl, grasp center of inside folds. Gently pull up and out (Note: Be careful not to cause layers to separate.) Keep pulling folds until they nearly lie flat and press to create new folds near center (See O).

7. Gently push center points inward to make bowl shape (See P).

8. Take a 2” x4” printed paper and slip into one of the sections that has the back of the paper showing (no print). You may need to trim the paper slightly to make it fit better. Align the straight edge with the edge of the box and tucking the sides into the folds on either side. Squash the box flat to get the paper to form. Remove and add adhesive from the glue stick. Glue back in place. Cover the other open section with the other 2”x 4” printed paper.



1. Lay the 6” x 6” papers in front of you. Center the 5” x 5” mat board pieces on the papers and adhere using the glue stick. Fold the edges towards the back and press to adhere.

2. Randomly stamp images over the covered mat board pieces.

3. Place strips of Washi Tape over stamped surfaces and wrap the ends towards the back.

4. Decorate one piece of the covered mat board for the lid using embellishments, a tag or whatever you desire. Take a 5” x 5” paper and adhere to the backside of the lid to create a nice finish.

5. Cover the 4” x 4” mat board piece with a 5” x 5” piece of paper using the glue stick. Center and adhere this mat board to the back of the lid using the double-stick tape.

6. Take the remaining covered 5” x 5” mat board and place it with the stamped side facing up. Center the bowl/box over the mat board. Adhere the bowl/box to the mat board with the glue stick. Adhere the remaining 5” x 5” paper to the bottom of the mat board using glue stick.

7. Place lid on top of box.



2008 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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