Kodomo's Keepsake Pocket Purse Book


3 qty. 12” x 12” Printed Papers

2 qty. 5 ” x 7” Colored Paper

2 qty. 4” x 5 ” Colored Cardstock

2 qty. 4 ” x 6” Mat board or chip board

Rubberstamp design

Ink pad

Kodomo Washi Tape, color match papers

2 qty. 8” length of 22 gauge wire for handles

1 qty. 20” of colored string for embellishing

Assorted Beads for cover

” Double stick tape #30013284 Glue stick #30033570 Miscellaneous embellishments (optional)

Copy paper for gluing surface


NOTE: The pictured sample used Kodomo’s Kimono Pattern III Paper #30089323, Stamp Sakura Castle #30091307 and Washi tape #30091320.




Metal edge ruler #30082675

Craft Knife #77504092

Cutting Mat #30065911

Scoring tool/Paper Piercer #30003198

Mini Dowel #77187526 or bamboo skewer

Wire cutters #77819151




First you will make your paper beads for the handle.



1. Vertically trim two 1 1/4" strips from the printed 12” x 12” paper.

2. Cut strip in half diagonally. Place one triangle printed side down on copy paper.

3. Roll the bottom of the triangle (wide edge) once around the skewer. Apply the glue stick to the remainder of the triangle.

4. Continue to roll triangle around skewer until bead is completely formed (Note: Keep point of triangle in middle as you roll.)Remove bead from skewer.

5. Repeat steps 1-4 to four strips to make 8 beads total.



1. Stamp image in the center of the 5 ” x 7” solid paper.

2. Adhere stamped paper to the mat board using the glue stick for the front cover. Adhere the remaining solid paper to the other piece of mat board.

3. Decorate the stamped cover using the Kodomo Washi Tape, string and beads (not paper beads).

4. Decorate the remaining cover using strips of printed paper and Washi Tape. Add additional embellishments, if desired.

5. Adhere the 4” x 5 ” cardstocks to the backs of both covers using double stick tape.

6. Pierce two holes near the top of the cover using the paper piercer. Thread the end of one wire through one hole and twist to secure.

7. Thread four of the paper beads you made earlier onto the wire. Thread the loose end of the wire through the second hole and twist to secure. Cut off excess wire.

8. Repeat steps 6 and 7 for the other cover.



1. Trim Printed papers to 9 ” x 12” pieces. Measure 2 1/2" in from long sides of printed paper. Score and fold sides toward middle Note: Sides should overlap and the folded piece should measure 4 ” x 12”.

2. Apply glue stick to adhere overlapping edges together and create a "tube". Fold "tube" in half horizontally to create "pockets".

3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 to remaining pieces of printed paper. Note: you can create more pockets if desired.

4. Apply vertical strip of double stick tape to the center of "pockets". Stack "pockets" and press firmly to adhere together.

5. Apply vertical strip of double stick tape to the center of the stacked "pockets". Position "pockets" in between covers and press firmly to adhere together.



2008 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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