Krispy Treat Pops


Wilton Heart Cookie Treat Pan #7748 3578
Sprinkles – Heart #3000 9859
Vanilla Melt ‘n Mold Candy melts #7768 3409
8” Cookie Sticks #3000 4706
Ready-To- Decorate Icing – Pink #7740 0747
Ready –to-Decorate Icing – Red #7740 0705
Ready-To-Decorate Icing – White #7740 0721
4.5” Clay Pot #7794 2433
4” Styrofoam Ball #7760 3316
Scallop Sheet Pink Floral #3001 0696
Crinkle Cut Strands – Red #7790 1892
Crinkle Cut Strands – White #7790 1900
Crisp Rice Cereal
2 Glass Bowl
Microwave Oven
1 yd. ribbon


Wash and completely dry the Heart Cookie Pan.

Place a cup of pretzels in the bowl and use the spoon to break them into smaller pieces.

Following the directions for the Melt ‘n Mold candy melts, place the vanilla melts in a glass bowl and melt in the microwave oven. Be careful not to burn the candy melts.

Remove from the microwave oven and stir in the bits of pretzel and crispy rice cereal. Start with 3 cups of cereal, adding more cereal and pretzel bits as you go. Keep stirring until all of the mixture is coated with the vanilla.

Scoop some of the mixture into one of the hearts on the cookie treat pan. Spread out to the shape. Place the cookie stick in the mixture, extending out from the bottom slot. Add more of the cereal mixture to form the heart and encase the stick.  If you want, you can add the heart sprinkles on top now. Repeat with the other hearts in the pan.

Place the filled pan in the refrigerator for a few minutes to harden the treats. To remove treats from pan, carefully tap pan on a hard surface. Treats should loosen and you can lift them out by their stick.

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