Lace Heart Tag



Two white 5" x 2" tags

Approximately 6" tiny pearl strand

2" x 2" white lace

12" pink satin ribbon (1/8" wide)

12" pink sating ribbon (7/8" wide)

Small pink ribbon bud with lace and glittered sprig

White glue

Low-tack tape (optional)

Large 2" heart-shaped punch



Punch out a heart in each tag. If you can't punch two at once, align the second one by using the punch upside-down. Glue the lace over one heart opening. Glue the other tag on top.

Glue the tiny pearl strand around the heart shape using low-tack tape if you have trouble holding it in place. Glue the ribbon bud at the top of the heart.

Glue 1/8" ribbon along both sides of the tag. Tie 7/8" ribbon through the top hole of tag.

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