4 qty    4”x6” Photo Frames     #30012437 or 30072366

Flameless Candle  #23008346

12” X 12” Printed Vellum  #30055279

Vellum Adhesive Dots  #30055752

E6000  #77525881

Craft stick


Supplies for pedestal feet (optional):

4 qty.  ˝ “ Wood Spools  #77614917

Black Delta Ceramcoat Paint Black  #77128231 (or color to match frame)

1” foam brush  #10109 or paintbrush 



12” Paper Trimmer
Paper Towel and Glass Cleaner

*Sample was made using:


Remove the glass and backing from your frames. Place the frame opening over the desired vellum pattern and trace the inside perimeter of the frame using the pencil. Cut out the vellum using scissors or trimmer and erase any visible pencil marks. Set aside.

Thoroughly clean your glass surfaces.  Using the craft stick, apply a thin line of E6000 glue to the inside of the frame casing to secure the glass onto the frame. Allow adhesive to thoroughly dry and set.  Secure the vellum onto each glass frame by following the manufacturer’s instructions for use of the vellum glue dots.  Using the vellum dot adhesive will give your lantern a clean appearance.  Repeat steps for remaining pieces. 

Glue 2 frames perpendicular to each other along the 6” edge, forming an “L”. Use the craft stick to apply a thin line of E6000 at intersecting edges, being careful not to use too much adhesive or else the glue will seep out between the corner edges. Proceed gluing the two remaining frames in the same matter. Allow adhesive to set thoroughly. Glue the two L’s together to complete the main body of your lantern, forming a square. Allow glue to set. Place a flameless candle in the center of your vellum lantern. For visual interest, you may add pedestal feet to the base of your vellum lantern.

Optional step for pedestal feet:

Paint wood spools and let dry. Use E6000 to glue the finished wood spools at the intersecting edges of each frame corner.  Allow to set and dry. 

For your safety, we recommend using a flameless candle.

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